A Bride’s Guide To Hiring a DJ

What you need to know before hiring your wedding DJ!

Congratulations! You’re planning a wedding. You’ve taken care of the venue, photographer, menu, decorator, cake, dress, dishes, centre pieces, kitchen sink. Ok, maybe not the sink, but you’ve thought of everything right?

Oh wait, we forgot to book a DJ! Now what? I don’t know how to book a DJ. What questions should I ask? Are there things I should look for? What makes one DJ better than another?

No more worries, I am here to help and I’ve compiled this book to answer some of your most frequently asked questions – as well as a couple of thoughts to consider when hiring a DJ for that big event.

Inside this report, you will learn the following:

  • The Types of DJs to Avoid
  • What to Look for in a DJ
  • The DJ’s Role in Planning
  • The Questions to Ask Your Potential DJ
  • And much much more…

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