Stock Photography 101

Answers all the important questions for any photographer looking to get started selling their photos online. This is a fast-growing market that overlaps just about any other niche you already operate. Anyone with a camera and a passion for photography will want to know how to sell their photos!

An Untapped Niche!

One of the hottest emerging niches is Stock Photography. Sooner or later, everyone who owns a digital camera wants to know if their photos are good enough to sell and how to get started.

* 1 – What subject sell over and over? What are buyers really looking for and how do you know when you nail it?

* 2 – Is your work good enough for stock? Do your subjects work and have you got enough material?

* 3 – Is your camera gear suitable? What sort of computer & software do you need? What other skills are required?

* 4 – How does the business side of things work? What are your photos really worth? How do you protect your work from thieves?

* 5 – How do you choose a stock library? What to look for? What are the traps to avoid?

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