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London is a vast city with a population of more than 7.5 million. It is a myriad of quite streets and bustling avenues. There are parks where silence reigns and noisy squares. It is a romantic city and cultural haven. It is, also, a Royal City where the current monarch, Queen Elizabeth I, resides and reigns. London is old, it is young and, like all great cities, it is continually evolving, changing its face while remaining the same where it matters.

London is a city with a past, present and future that constantly fight each other to capture the hearts and minds of its visitors. There is no London singular. This is a multi-cultural, multi-faceted ever-changing city. London is a place where people and things combine to provide the casual visitor and serious tourist with whatever they came to the city to find. Whether it is sports, art, architecture, music, food or royal gossip, you are sure to find it here. In fact, London thrives in this mixture of diverse but related elements.

This combination of sights, sounds and nascent potential can make it difficult to decide what to do and see. The possibilities are overwhelming. London’s whispered promises are attractive and very overpowering, yet irresistible. Although you may read all you want, research the city totally, first time around, you may be better off to take one of the many tours. These can be grounding. A good general tour can provide you with an idea of how vast the task may be and give you some suggestions on where you can focus.

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  • History Museums in London
  • Art Museums in London England
  • Great Tours of London England
  • Great Places to Shop in London England
  • Must Visit Attractions in London England
  • Must Visit Eateries in London England
  • Reasons to Take a Guided Tour of London
  • Reasons to Take an Original Tour of London
  • Reasons to Visit London England
  • Things To Do In London England
  • And so much more inside…

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