How to Make a Lot Of Money Running WSO’s

Special Report : How to Make a Lot Of Money Running Warrior Special Offers (WSO’s)

The WSO Forum (Warrior Special Offers Forum) is designed to allow warriors to offer other warriors (ONLY) quality products and/or services at a special discounted price. The offer cannot be given anywhere else at the same price. If the product and/or service is to be offered elsewhere, it must be at a higher price, that is the rule. It also must be an original work/product/service of your own and can NOT be a PLR product, even if you change it.

The WSO forum is an extremely generous gift of Allen Says, the owner of the Warrior Forum; it is a perfect example of the spirit of the forum and the generosity and kindness of true warriors. People truly have launched $30,000 a month businesses from the WSO forum alone and continue to do so today.

Where to Start : If you don’t have a particular product or service to offer, let’s think of what you can do. But first, let’s actually go over what products and services are the most popular on the WSO forum.


– Article and/or Ghostwriting Services

– Copywriting Services

– Web Design

– Graphic Design

– Ad Campaign Services


– Software Development

– Programming

– WordPress Blog Building

– Social Marketing

– Coaching/Mentoring

– More…


– E-Books or Reports with PLR and RR/MRR

– E-Books that will be helpful to marketers

– Software that helps solve IM problems

– Software with PLR or MRR or RR

– Templates

– Marketing Techniques

– Pre-Built Businesses/Webites

– Business Plans or Business Models

– E-Courses

– Newsletters

– Memberships

– New Marketing Methods

– More…

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