A Leap of Faith: Getting Started with Homeschooling

Several Reasons to Consider Homeschooling
The connotation surrounding homeschooling, at first, was one of being different, unusual, or perhaps even anti-social. However, today’s view of homeschooling is becoming one of possibility. Homeschooling seems to fit the needs of both parents and
students alike, and avoids many of the stereotypical interactions that teens, most especially, face today.

There are several reasons to consider homeschooling:

  • Flexible scheduling
  • Opportunity for obtaining gainful employment
  • More time spent with family and siblings
  • Less anxiety about social situations
  • Learning at your own pace, even excelling at a faster pace if desired
  • Time for travel and extracurricular activities outside the home
  • It shows that you have the ability to be self-directed, organized, and responsible
  • No concern for snow days or inclement weather
  • No missing the bus drama
  • No hassles about what to wear
  • Vacation time is your time

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