The Ultimate CBO Blueprint – Alex Fedotoff

What we can learn from The Ultimate CBO Blueprint?

In this course, we will learn how the best Facebook marketers on earth consistently profit and scale with campaign budget optimization without inconsistencies (NO 100s of pages of useless theory, just real, actionable, to the point content and real results). As we already know, CBO (Campaign Budget Optimization) is the new way for Facebook to optimize our campaigns. In its core is the idea of assigning daily budget on the campaign level and letting the Facebook machine learning distribute the funds inside it in the most effective manner.

  • CBO Pro Testing.
  • CBO Optimization.
  • CBO Scaling.
  • Advanced LLA Creation.
  • How to Make Creatives that Sell.
  • BOnus Materials.
  • How to Increase Lifetime Value of Each Customer.
  • Another Bonus Start your Dropshipping.
  • $2 Million Case Study.
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