The Infinity Project – Steve Clayton & Aidan Booth

What you can learn from The Infinity Project?

The Infinity Project is an 8-Week training program showing you how to do everything we have been talking about – building a simple but highly profitable and enjoyable business that will actually make you money both now, and for years to come. The training comes together seamlessly as you plug in each of the 8 components, so let’s walk through how everything takes shape.

  • Component 1: The Master Training.
  • Component 2: The Execution Plans.
  • Component 3: Done-For-You Niches.
  • Component 4: Done-For-You Funnels.
  • Component 5: The Traffic Blueprints.
  • Component 6: Phase X.
  • Component 7: Support & Coaching.
  • Component 8: The 60-Day “Super-Seller” Challenge.
  • And More.

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