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What you can learn from Stylescapes?

The Stylescapes process will transform the way you work and the way you present your ideas to clients. Say goodbye to never-ending revisions & last-minute changes. Stylescapes is designed for anyone who provides visual creative services. Whether you work in house at a large corporation, or are freelancing for clients, you can integrate the Stylescapes process and get approvals faster than ever. Stylescapes is a perfect resource for Graphic Designers, UI, UX & Product Designers, Interior Designers & Architects, Motion Designers & Animators and Brand Strategists.

  • Welcome.
  • 1 – Stylescape Course.
  • 2 – Stylescape Design form Scratch Documented Process.
  • 3 – Critiquing your Stylescapes.
  • 4 – Presenting your Stylescape – Watch Chris.
  • 5 – Critiquing your Stylescape Presentation.
  • 6 – Stylescape Workbook.
  • 7 – Photoshop Tips, Tricks.
  • 8 – Bonus.
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