Scale Your Course – Caitlin Bacher

What we can learn from Scale Your Course?

Scale with Success is a comprehensive 12 month group coaching experience designed to transform your online course business into a lean, mean, evergreen revenue generating machine.

Right now there are a ton of course creators, and we may be one of them, who are simply stuck and we’re not sure why we aren’t selling anything. OR and this may be the worst, we are selling our course, but it’s with the launch model and our revenue is constantly up and then down and all the revenue in our business is chained to the success of our launch.

  • Welcome, Scaler.
  • Phase 1 – Build your Evergreen Webinar.
  • Phase 2 – Write your Evergreen Webinar Emails.
  • Phase 3 – Launch you’re Evergreen Webinar.

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