Marketplace Superheroes – Invasion 2.0

What we can learn from this course?

In this course, we will learn how to build a 5 – 7 figure global Amazon business from scratch selling simple high profit, low competition items. We will discover how to create a six figure revenue stream every single month without having to private label or import anything from China. We will learn ​the #1 best way to create a global Amazon “mini empire” from scratch.

  • M1 – The Science Behind Invasion.
  • M2 – Pinpointing Suitable Brands.
  • M3 – Green Lighting your Products.
  • M4 – Negotiating with Suppliers.
  • M5 – Crunching your Numbers.
  • M6 – Ordering & Logistics.
  • M7 – Creating, Launching & Optimising.
  • M8 – Business Management – Scaling & Sustaining.
  • Group Calls for Invasion 2.0.
  • Pointers with Paul.
  • Invader’s Journeys.
  • Trade Shows.
  • Invasion Mastermind Calls.
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