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What we can learn from Insta Growth Accelerator DIY?

The Insta Growth Accelerator is a 12-week program designed to show us how to grow and monetize our social media accounts, whether business or personal. This course created by community-building expert, Natalie Ellis, and the babes behind the global movement BossBabe, IGA is one of the most comprehensive and advanced social media growth programs online. Whether we’re a social media pro or just starting out, this program will cover every strategy we need to know and implement in order to hit our goals.

  • Welcome to Insta Growth Accelerator DIY.
  • Module 1 – Niche Clarity and Ideal Client Attraction.
  • Module 2 – Creating Content Stories and Value Pillars.
  • Module 3 – Delivering Consistent Value and Profile Seeding.
  • Module 4 – Transform your Content and Captions with Copywriting.
  • Module 5 – How to Develop & Implement your Visual Branding Strategy.
  • Module 6 – Easy Creation & Editing of Images and Videos.
  • Module 7 – The Viral Content Formula & Audience Growth.
  • Module 8 – Creating Videos to Hack, Engage & Sell.
  • Module 9 – Creating Community VS Building Audience.
  • Module 10 – How to Attract Buying Followers & Convert your Current Audience.
  • Module 11 – Your Step by Step Selling Strategy.
  • Module 12 – Scaling Intimacy & Converting Passively.
  • Call Recordings.
  • Bonuses.
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