Inbound Agency – Tom Wedding

What we can learn from Inbound Agency?

In this course, we will learn how Tom generated 108 sizzling hot prospects for his lead Gen agency for less than 65c per lead without cold calling, cold DMS, SEO, linked in or wasting a ton of money on paid ads. We will get a complete psychological breakdown of the ad copy script so that we can understand why it work and not just that it does (and why it works for almost any niche in any big city). ​An A-Z walk-through of how Tom build these wildly profitable ads in the most efficient way possible so we can ‘knock it off’ in under 10 minutes (even if we’ve never ran an ad on Facebook).

  • Introduction.
  • Module 1 – Audience & Niche.
  • Module 2 – Facebook Ads Setup.
  • Module 3 – Follow-up.
  • Module 4 – Sales and Closing.
  • Module 5 – Guidelines.
  • Bonus Automation Training (coming soon).

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