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What we can learn from The Profitable Creator?

The foundation of the entire business was the free content I created online. It’s the beat way to create a business that has longevity. If we create helpful, free content, we can use that to attract an online audience. And once we have an audience following our content? We will have a sustainable business for years to come. The best way to earn an income from our free content is by creating and selling online courses.

The Profitable Creator compiles the most powerful lessons + strategies Melyssa has learned into a fool-proof, step-by-step method that will turn our content into a money-making biz. In The Profitable Creator, we will learn the exact strategies Melyssa has used and steps she has taken to grow her following to over 350,000 subscribers and followers and a million dollars in annual income.

WE may feel overwhelmed right now. Should we use Facebook ads? What about Instagram? Do we need to create dance videos on TikTok?! Nope! We need to simplify and focus on the best and most sustainable method, the free content we create on our blog, podcast, or YouTube channel is our #1 asset.

  • 1 – Killer Ways to Grow your Blog’s Traffic.
  • 2 – Email List + Newsletter Essentials.
  • 3 – Email List Growth Strategies.
  • 4 – How to Plan your Course Content.
  • 5 – How to Build and Create your Online Course.
  • 6 – How to Market and Launch your Course.
  • Blogging and Social Media Graphics Pack.
  • DIY Course Creator Templates.
  • The Getting Started Guides for Bloggers, Youtubers And Podcasters.
  • And much more.
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