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What you can learn from CORE Discovery?

CORE Discovery is a collection of 6 key exercises designed for you and your clients to get aligned on the vision. It empowers you to hold discovery sessions that will turn you into an unparalleled strategic leader and valued partner to your clients. A simple way to help any business understand, prioritize, and focus on a clear vision and plan.

Find out what problem your clients need to solve and what’s important to them and their business. Determine the customer profiles, brand attributes, and establish the creative brief. You’re not just a designer. You can move the discovery sessions along smoothly and efficiently to land on the client’s vision. You’ll help them exceed their goals and clearly provide a plan of action and more.

  • 1 – Introduction.
  • 2 – Core Framework.
  • 3 – Bonus Material.
  • 4 – Bonus Material from CORE 1.9.
  • 5 – Join the Conversation.
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