Car Dealership 2.0 – Alex Lytvynchuk

What you can learn from Car Dealership 2.0?

In this course, you will learn the shortcut to a 6 figure agency by focusing on the most profitable niche. We have taken the guesswork out of starting your social media marketing agency. All you have to do is follow the steps and take action. We have this so systemized, people have considered CDD 2.0 to be like buying a franchise. With “CDD 2.0” you will learn how to get high ticket clients that will pay you $1,500 – $15,000+ every month for bringing them new customers with Facebook and Youtube ads.

  • 1 – Getting Started – Setting up the Foundation for your Success.
  • 2 – Find High Ticket Clients.
  • 3 – Get Meetings with Ease.
  • 4 – Landing Meetings with Car Dealerships.
  • 5 – Closing Deals with Car Dealerships.
  • 6 – Strategic Marketing Plan for Car Dealerships.
  • 7 – Deliver Massive Results with Facebook Ads for your Clients.
  • 8 – Generate Car Sales on Demand Using Landing pages.
  • 9 – Deliver Massive Results with Youtube Ads for your Clients.
  • 10 – New How to Work with Car Dealership Franchises Honda, Ford, BMW, Mercedes, Buick etc.
  • 11 – Automating & Scaling your Agency to Over 6-7 Figures.
  • 12 – Bonuses & Files.
  • 13 – Bonus Lean from my Student Coaching Calls & Ad Critiques.
  • 14 – New Watch Me Close High Ticket Clients Live in Real Meetings.

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