Business Scaling – Geekout P3 Edition – James Van Elswyk

What we can learn from Business Scaling – Geekout P3 Edition?

In this course, we will learn how to build a sustainable company of loyal team members that fight our battles, bring new ideas to the table, and man the ship when the captain is away. P3 Scaling System: People + Pixels = Profits. Building out the right team players and learning to trust those team players with “revenue responsibility” puts us in the position for exponential business growth and enables us as a leader to seek more business opportunities rather than putting out daily fires.

  • Chapter 1 – Introduction.
  • Chapter 2 – Goal Setting.
  • Chapter 3 – Understanding your Business.
  • Chapter 4 – Hiring your People Factory.
  • Chapter 5 – What to Look for when Hiring.
  • Chapter 6 – How to Master Operations.
  • Chapter 7 – Interview with Josh Elizetxe – How He Built his Billion Dollar Business.
  • Chapter 8 – Major Reports Breakdown.
  • Chapter 9 – Executive Team and Time Management.
  • Chapter 10 – Employee Engagement.
  • Bonus Chapter – Employee Agreements MNDA NDA.
  • Bonus Chapter – Financial Reports.
  • Bonus Chapter – Hiring Ads Test Interview Questions.

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