Agency Accelerator – Michael Laurens

What we can learn from Agency Accelerator?

In this course, we will learn how to land 200-300 booked appointments with his ideal client, in any niche, every single month without spending any money on Ads or running any complicated LinkedIn/email automations. We will get 50+ video lessons covering everything we need to grow our 6-figure Facebook ads agency. From scripts and systems to land clients on automate, to 15x plug-&-play lead gen campaigns for local business niches and step by step roadmaps to build our team and scale.

  • 1 – Welcome.
  • 2 – Setting up your Agency.
  • 3 – How to Get Clients.
  • 4 – Campaign Walk Throughs.
  • 5 – Facebook Ads Mastery.
  • 6 – Funnels & Messenger Bots.
  • 7 – Lead Nurturing & Follow up Automation Mastery.
  • 8 – Scaling your Agency to $100k.
  • 9 – Bonuses & Add-Ons.

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