60 Day Startup (Foundr) – Mitch Harper

What we can learn from 60 Day Startup (Foundr)?

In this course, we will learn how to start a successful startup in 60 days. Learn Mitch Harper’s “Painkiller Validation Framework”  to come up with a startup idea that is virtually guaranteed to succeed. We will learn how to build a startup in record time with the co-founder of BigCommerce (which did $100 million in sales last year) and 7 other tech products in which he’s used this exact launch system.

  • Module 1 – Starting up the Right Way.
  • Module 2 – Finding a painkiller Idea.
  • Module 3 – Product Validation.
  • Module 4 – Product Development and Design.
  • Module 5 – Product Management.
  • Module 6 – Getting your First 100 Paying Customers (Closed Beta).
  • Module 7 – Recommended Launch Framework.

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