14-Day Script Challenge – Harmon Brothers

What we can learn from 14-Day Script Challenge?

The 14-Day Script Challenge is designed to help us take action, write an effective ad, increase sales and see transformation in our business right away. During the 14-Day Challenge, we’ll get step-by-step instructions, everything we need to write an ad that sells (using our complete HB ad structure) and the accountability to get it done. So we can scale our business and be on our way to becoming a household brand.

In this 14-day challenge, we’ll be spending quality, no-nonsense time with Daniel Harmon, the Creative Director behind the ads that brought in massive sales for brands like Squatty Potty, Chatbooks, ClickFunnels, Lume Deodorant and more.

  • 1 – The Harmon Brothers Structure.
  • 2 – Getting to Know your Customer.
  • 3 – The Pitch.
  • 4 – Getting to know your Competition.
  • 5 – Identifying the Problem.
  • 6 – Presenting the Problem.
  • 7 – Presenting the Solution Part 1.
  • 8 – Presenting the Solution Part 2.
  • 9 – Selling People on your Solution.
  • 10 – Writing your Hook.
  • 11 – Establishing Credibility & Authority.
  • 12 – Call to Action.
  • 13 – Writing & Refining your Script Part 1.
  • 14 – Writing & Refining your Script Part 2.
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