Zero-to-60 with Evernote

What we can learn from Zero-to-60 with Evernote?

This course will show us how the world’s most productive people get more done in less time by using Evernote.

  • Module 1 – Headfirst into Evernote – You’ll master the basics of Evernote and get started quickly! Like within a few mins.
  • Module 2 – Getting your stuff into Evernote – Simple methods for collecting your world in Evernote.
  • Module 3 – Secret Sauce Fast Track Workflows – The tricks revealed here are the biggest value in this course. Know EXACTLY how to manage project info, meeting notes, client info, trip planning and more.
  • Module 4 – Applying Evernote in the Real World – Examples – These applications will not only give you a clear idea of how YOU can use Evernote now to manage your life, it will get your wheels spinning from the new possibilities that will rock your world.
  • Bonus: Module (5) – Killer collaboration team Hacks – How to share notes, notebooks, chat, and present to others.
  • Bonus: Module (6) – Paper Destroyer – Evernote Scanner – If you’re buried in stacks of paper, then make them vanish – forever! Burn baby.

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