Write Your Way to Your First $1k – Elna Cain

What we can learn from Write Your Way to Your First $1k?

In this course, we will learn everything we need to know about starting a freelance writing business from scratch. A proven method to help new writers fast-track their way to success with freelance writing, no experience needed. We will learn how to set up our website and discover the tools and skills we need to land our first clients, and More.

  • Module 1: Laying the foundation.
  • Module 2: Building your writer platform.
  • Module 3: Building your portfolio.
  • Module 4: Finding writing clients.
  • Module 5: Your pitch.
  • Module 6: Your first $1k.
  • Module 7: Your freelance business.
  • Advanced Freelance Writing Training.
  • Success Stories.
  • And much More.

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