The Author Starter Kit – Peggy McColl

What we can learn from The Author Starter Kit?

In this course, we will learn everything we need to get started today on our book writing and best-selling author journey. We’re just one book away from changing our life, leaving our legacy and building wealth.

  • Session 1: Welcome / Getting Started.
  • Session 2: First Things First.
  • Session 3: Why You CAN(t) Be An Author.
  • Session 4: The Most Important Thing To Achieving Your Book Writing Goal.
  • Session 5: How To Pick A Topic For Your Book.
  • Session 6: How To Pick A Finish Date / Deadline For Your Book.
  • Session 7: Two Critical Ingredients.
  • Session 8: Moving Forward With Confidence.
  • Session 9: Working With The Law.
  • Session 10: Tune Out And Tune In: What, When, Why and How.
  • Session 11: Feel The Impact.
  • Session 12: Write Your Heart Out.

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