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What we can learn from The $10k Website Process?

The $10K Website Process is the exact method Ran has built up from 17 years of experience as a web designer, and applying what works to generate over $200,000 in yearly revenue from web design projects. $10K websites are designed with a strategic process that keeps client goals front and center, and ensures they’ll 10x their investment in working with us.

  • 1 – Welcome how to Make the best of this Course.
  • 2 – Do People Actually Pay 10k for a Website.
  • 3 – Having the Right Mindset for Success.
  • 4 – The 10k Process Overview.
  • 5 – The Purpose of Strategy.
  • 6 – Brand Strategy VS Website Strategy.
  • 7 – Deciding on Website Goals.
  • 8 – Conducting Market Research.
  • 9 – Discussing Content.
  • And much more.

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