Six Figure Filmmaker – Eric Thayne

What we can learn from Six Figure Filmmaker?

In this course, we will learn how to become a full time videographer and make minimum $10k per project from the proven step-by-step system. Six Figure Filmmaker is a personalized coaching program designed to help us go full time with our video business in the next 12 months, and make at least $10k on every project we do, even if we don’t have the best camera or if there are no good clients in our area.

  • 1 – Welcome.
  • 2 – Phase 1 – 1K Club.
  • 3 – Phase 2 – 10K Club.
  • 4 – Phase 3 – Six Figure Filmmaker.
  • 5 – Courses.
  • 6 – Coaching Calls.
  • 7 – Want More Help.
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