Secrets of Writing HIGH-PERFORMANCE Business-to-Business Copy – Katie Yeakle

what we can learn from this course?

Not only will Secrets of Writing HIGH-PERFORMANCE Business-to-Business Copy will teach us everything we need to know about the B2B market, it will teach us “step-by-step” how to write all the B2B marketing elements any client will ever ask us to write. And we couldn’t be learning these skills from a better teacher than Steve.

This course will show us how the Business-to-Business market works, how the buying decision is made, what motivates and drives the decision-making process. We will learn different emotions that can impact the buying decision and how to appeal to them in our copy.

  • The 4 “key influencing factors” of every B2B buying decision and how to use them to super-charge our copy.
  • The “Twin Pillars” of B2B persuasion and how to inject them into every piece of copy we write.
  • The 9 most common projects we’ll take on (and how to be a master in each of them).
  • The unique needs of the B2B buyer — and why it’s crucial we understand “the CNI factor”.
  • Why it’s crucial we understand every B2B buyer’s “split personality”.
  • And more.
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