PPC Coach Ad Agency Bootcamp 2018

What we can learn from PPC Coach Ad Agency Bootcamp 2018?

This course covered 3 things, how to get clients, how to get results for your clients and then how to get more clients. We had an awesome turn out and there are already people who joined the bootcamp. The official start date for the bootcamp is Tuesday February 6th at 11:00 am est. That’s when the first of 3 live webinars is happening.

  • Video 1 – Welcome to The Bootcamp.
  • Video 2 – How to Name your Agency.
  • Video 3 – How to create your Logo.
  • Video 4 – Create a business manager account.
  • Video 5 – How to create your Facebook page.
  • Video 6 – How to create your Ad account.
  • Video 7 – Why an empty page is bad for business.
  • Video 8 – How to create a like campaign for your page.
  • Video 9 – How to get content posted automatically to your page.
  • And more.
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