Optimizing Your Marketing Tech Stack – ConversionXL, Dan McGaw

What we can learn from Optimizing Your Marketing Tech Stack?

In this course, we will learn how to make all our marketing tools play together to make more money. Get a unified view of our customer journey, and track full ROI of our marketing. Learn to evaluate, eliminate, and integrate the tools that will drive growth for our business.

  • 1 – What is MarTech Stack.
  • 2 – Choose the Right Tools for Your Stack.
  • 3 – Integrating the Stack.
  • 4 – Building your Stack Taxonomy.
  • 5 – Data Driven Analytics.
  • 6 – Capture Emails and Generate More Leads.
  • 7 – Automating Your Marketing.
  • 8 – Relationship Management with CRMs.
  • And much more.
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