Momentum Marketing Tribe – Mohamed Ali Aguel

What we can learn from Momentum Marketing Tribe?

Online Workshop Day 1

  • How to effectively use a single 3rd party tool for product research.
  • How to leverage public data to find winners effortlessly.
  • How to Legally get insider information from your competition.
  • How to have your own selection system of what products to test, WITHOUT spending a single dime on ads.
  • Q&A until all your questions have been answered.
  • Bonus: How to get ahead of the trends and be a trend creator.
  • Bonus: How to put all of this together step by step and have a scalable, repeatable and outsourceable system to launch 80% winners.

Online Workshop Day 2

  • How to come up with offers and test them.
  • Different Ecommerce Funnels we use, All Mapped Out.
  • Technology stack that won’t break the bank.
  • Funnel Stacking.
  • Retargeting Ninja Tricks with funnels.
  • Q&A until all your questions have been answered.
  • Bonus: Funnel Maps.
  • Bonus: Retargeting Map.
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