JKD 2020: SEO Training to Rank for Local and National Keywords – Jimmy Kelley

What we can learn from JKD 2020 SEO Training?

In this course, we will get a bulletproof training system that teaches us the best of both worlds – ranking with only traffic or ranking with link building and traffic. We will learn how to rank for local and national keywords in a way that nobody has ever taught. We will learn from the best two SEO’s in the business. Jimmy Kelley has taught SEO to thousands of students worldwide since 2013. Jimmy and Tonni have been a ‘secret weapon’ for Fortune 500 companies creating highly competitive search engine rankings in super-competitive niches, where other’s could do nothing.

  • 1 – Welcome Process.
  • 2 – All about the JKD Traffic Ranking Software.
  • 3 – Webinar Notes, Cheat Sheets and Tutorials.
  • 4 – Webinar Replay Series.
  • 5 – Important Webinar Extracts.
  • 6 – Bonuses.
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