How to Architect a Branding Blueprint – Ryan Deiss

What we can learn from How to Architect a Branding Blueprint?

In this brand-new training, we’ll follow the proven, step-by-step blueprint to build a brand that not only leverages direct response tactics to sell our product or service, but also positions our business as the answer to all of our customers’ problems.

  • Utilize Ryan Deiss’ fill-in-the-blank “brand blueprint template” to attract our ideal prospects and position our business as top of mind in our category.
  • Discover the core concepts of branding and positioning.
  • Follow Ryan’s proven 5-step process for “reverse-engineering authority”.
  • Learn how to codify our brand’s “voice” so that we can scale without losing our identity and soul.
  • Identify our “authority amplifiers” to discover our brand’s mission, vision, and values and how to position them in our messaging to build a lasting bond with our audience.
  • And more.

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