High-Ticket Drop Shipping Masterclass – Trevor Fenner

What we can learn from High-Ticket Drop Shipping Masterclass?

In this course, we will learn how to scale our online stores to over a million dollars per year in revenue. We will learn every last secret and step-by-step how to start high-ticket drop shipping businesses on Shopify without leaving out any information.

  • Module 1: How to start our research and pick the most profitable niche.
  • Module 2: How to start our legal business and build our high-ticket drop shipping website on Shopify.
  • Module 3: How to get high-ticket drop shipping suppliers.
  • Module 4: How to add products to our website.
  • Module 5: Which Shopify apps to install to optimize our store for conversions.
  • Module 6: How to use social media marketing.
  • Module 7: How to set up automated email marketing sequences.
  • And much more.
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