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What we can learn from High Income Coach?

This course is the only program where we can walk in brand-new and walk out a rockstar ready to make big money and a big difference as a high-income coach. We will learn Jason’s secrets to attracting clients we love and making 10x more per hour than most people helping them.

  • Week One – How to guarantee amazing results for our clients with the high-income coaching mindset.
  • Week Two – The done-for-you high-income coaching tools so each session we look like a genius and we change our clients life.
  • Week Three – The science of magic coaching sessions to drive big results even faster.
  • Week Four – The high-income coaching methodology to building authority online even if no one knows who we are.
  • Week Five – The mousetrap model to make new prospects line up every week to work with us.
  • Week Six – The done-for-your expert elixir to cement our authority and make clients hungry for our premium services.
  • Week Seven – Roleplay’s and money: the most powerful closing script ever.
  • Week Eight – The done-for-you email scripts to take leads and prospects, no matter how hot or cold, and flip them into happy, paying clients.
  • Week Nine – The 3-day a Week, 6-figure high-income coaching business.
  • Week Ten – The championship Week – This is when we start closing and coaching your first high-paying clients as a certified high-income coach.

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