FB Ads Academy – Cat Howell

What we can learn from FB Ads Academy?

This course is the world’s #1 agency system for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and agencies. The course is designed for freelancers, agency owners and entrepreneurs who want a plug and play business where they can tap into the support, processes and systems of a 7-figure agency so that they can unlock more time, revenue and freedom in their life.

The Academy’s 8 week program is designed to get us moving quickly.  By the end, we will have all the knowledge, support, systems and processes in place for a business.

  • Academy Welcome.
  • Academy Level 1 – FB Ad Basics.
  • Academy Level 2 – Pricing & Auditing Leads.
  • Academy Level 3 – Landing Clients.
  • FATC.
  • FATC – eCom.
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