Facebook Advertising Secrets – Andra Vahl

What we can learn from Facebook Advertising Secrets?

In this course, we will learn the step-by-step system for mastering Facebook and Instagram Ads to get more leads, conversions, and sales. We will learn the winning strategies for different types of promotions and a variety of industries: B2C, B2B, Local Restaurants, Realtors, Dentists, Authors, Coaches, Consultants and more. We will learn how to successfully do targeting, split testing, conversion tracking with pixels, set our budget, launching campaigns, read the analytics and create ads that convert.

  • 1 – Start Here.
  • 2 – Step 1 Facebook Ads Strategy.
  • 3 – Step 2 Facebook Ads Tactics.
  • 4 – Landing Page Design.
  • 5 – Private Facebook Group.
  • 6 – Bonuses.

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