Facebook Ads That Convert 3.0 – Cat Howell

What we can learn from Facebook Ads That Convert 3.0?

FB Ads that Convert is a hands-on monthly training program that will take us from the basics, such as installing pixels and setting up our business manager through to more advanced tactics like scaling and using UTM tracking. The mission of this course is to help us join the ranks of the top 10% of Facebook marketers, build our confidence and to connect us with gigs and opportunities so that we too can grow our own Facebook ads business.

  • 1 – Course Introduction.
  • 2 – Facebook Ads Basic.
  • 3 – Launching.
  • 4 – Advanced Facebook Ads.
  • 5 – Messenger Bots & Manychat.
  • 6 – Lead Gen Framework & SOP.
  • 7 – eCom Framework & SOP.
  • 8 – Coaches-Online Courses Framework & SOP.
  • 9 – Nuggets of Wisdom from the Coaches.
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