Facebook Ads Backpack Guide Advanced 2019 – Ben Adkins

What we can learn from Facebook Ads Backpack Guide Advanced 2019?

This course is the mobile entrepreneurs guide to creating, targeting, and scaling profitable Facebook Ads for our Business or our Clients. We’ll learn how to easily navigate the Facebook Ad editor as well as how to create, target, track, and scale profitable Facebook ads for our Business.

  • Part 1 – How to Build a Jaw Dropping Offer on Facebook.
  • Part 2 – How to Create Ad Creatives that Crush it.
  • Part 3 – Pro Facebook Ad Targeting Rules.
  • Part 4 – Rock Solid Ad Targeting with UTMs.
  • Part 5 – How to Scale your Ads in 2019.
  • Clone This Campaign.
  • The 6 Funnel Files.
  • UTM Lead Dashboard Template.
  • And more.
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