Everlasting Ad 21 Day Challenge – Keith Krance

What we can learn from Everlasting Ad 21 Day Challenge?

In this course, we will learn step-by-step ‘Everlasting Ad’ formula and how to build one ‘Super Ad’ for our business in just 21 days. If we want an ad that never burns out, converts cold traffic 24/7, and makes running predictable and profitable Facebook Ads easy we don’t want to miss this one-of-a-kind challenge. An Everlasting Ad is the perfect combination of viral video marketing, direct response, brand advertising, and content marketing.

  • 1 – Challenge Pre-Requisites.
  • 2 – Day 5 UPSYD and Week 1 Wrap up Workbook.
  • 3 – Week 1.
  • 4 – Week 2.
  • 5 – Week 3.
  • 6 – Week 4.
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