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What we can learn from ECOM Agency?

In this course, we will learn 4 simple steps to building a 6-figure Ecomm agency. Step 1: Identify the right types of businesses. Step 2: Get their attention. Step 3: Know how to do the work. Step 4: Get them customers.

  • Welcome – Welcome to the Ecomm agency.
  • The Business Model – Ecomm Agency Strategies, Niches, Business Outreach, Calling Your Prospects.
  • Selling on Amazon – How to Create a PPC Campaign, Optimizing your PPC, KPI Data Management.
  • Selling Digital Products – Creating a digital product Ecomm course, The Profit cycle.
  • Advanced Techniques – Two-step Funnels, Pricing, Data Analysis.
  • Selling Niche Products – 7 Figure Product Funnel, Split Testing Facebook Ads, Growing your email list, Facebook Fan Page profit strategy.
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