Code of Conversions – Chris Rocheleau

What we can learn from Code of Conversions?

This course will teach us how to craft ad copy that increases ROI 2x-5x with a ‘coded’ approach using proven formulas tested on over $963,808.44 Ad spend in 2018 alone. We will learn a proven, predictable system that ensures our Ads sustainable work everyday so we can scale our business.

After spending over 2 million in Facebook ads over the last few years Chris has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that their new methodology works better than any ‘traditional direct response’ techniques or gimmicks.

  • Intro.
  • Module 1: The ‘Social Rules of Engagement.
  • Module 2: Audience Engagement Formulas.
  • Module 3: Proven Ad Formulas and Templates.
  • Module 4: The E.P.I.C. Story Formula.
  • Module 5: Video Formulas and Ad Templates.
  • Module 6: Ad Optimization & Funnel Optimization.
  • Module 7: Safely Scaling With Margins.
  • YouTube Ads Workshop.
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