Build a Drop Shipping Store using Instagram Chat-bots – Gunnar Gronowski

What we can learn from Build a Drop Shipping Store using Instagram Chat-bots?

This course will teach us everything we need to know to get our online drop shipping website up with virtually zero start-up cost and guaranteed sales. It will include valuable information on choosing our website idea as well as building out a Shopify website, Instagram’s and “chat” bots to get us exponentially increasing sales starting within days.

The only start-up cost will be the price of our domain name as all advertising will be done through “bots” that will hook up to an Instagram to promote our website. This course will show us exactly how to get access and build out our bots which will be connected to the Instagram’s and it does not require any coding skill or much technological knowledge in general.

  • 1 – Introduction.
  • 2 – Choose Your Idea.
  • 3 – Account Creation.
  • 4 – Shopify Website Build-out.
  • 5 – Instagram Build-outs.
  • 6 – Chat Bot Build-outs.
  • 7 – Conclusion.
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