Aff Playbook – David Ford

What we can learn from Aff Playbook?

In-depth courses and training will teach us step-by-step how to build a business and generate income with affiliate marketing. We will learn the strategies and techniques to become a successful long-term affiliate. We also will learn how to build websites and monetize them, how to select affiliates offers and niches, how to use paid traffic to our advantage, how to build and much more.

  • 1 – Start Here.
  • 2 – Essential Reading.
  • 3 – Key Skills.
  • 4 – Case Studies.
  • 5 – Student Contributed Lessons.
  • 6 – How to make a living as a Freelance Marketing Consultant.
  • 7 – PPC Marketing.
  • 8 – PPC Case Studies.
  • 9 – PPV Marketing.
  • 10 – PPV Case Studies.
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