0-100K Case Study – Grant Ambrose

What we can learn from 0-100K Case Study?

In this case study, we are able to watch Grand does everything over-the-shoulder live – from finding the winning product to launching the initial ads, to optimizing his website and scaling FaceBook Ads to gross $11,376.49 in one day and make over $1000 in daily profit. The aim of this Case Study is to show us what it takes behind-the-scenes to scale a store to 100K in 30 days profitably and make over $1000 a day net profit.

  • 1 – Welcome and Structure.
  • 2 – Introducing the Store and Product I scaled to 100k in 30 days.
  • 3 – Creating our Initial Creatives we will use to test this Product with Facebook Ads.
  • 4 – Launching our First FaceBook Ads for this product.
  • 5 – Store Progress Review.
  • 6 – Daily Optimization.
  • 7 – Planning our new Creatives for Ads.
  • 8 – Capturing Emails to Make More Money.
  • 9 – Our Ad account Gets Disabled.
  • 10 – Optimizing our Product Funnel.
  • 11 – FaceBook Ads – Introduction and First Couple Weeks.
  • And much more.
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