Tell A Friend Detonator XL Makes Sure That The Referred eMails Are Really Clicked By Referred Friends.

Your list will grow and multiply with lightning speed because…

If your visitor’s refered friends do not visit…your website through the link, within YOUR defined detonation time….he will lose his bonus.

Set A Viral Effect Of Powerful Sneezers: Some people are far more likely to spread an ideavirus than others.

Turn those fence sitters into super charged pumped up and motivated referrers! Making them WANT to refer your sites to more of their friends

Built an active list by leveraging on the powers of multiplication

Promote other products besides just internet marketing. By letting your customers tell their friends and rewarding them with a special coupon….you can market virtually any products tangible and intangible

Become a Super Affiliate and get top marketers pay you top dollars because they know that you have a huge responsive list!

Convert more leads into ready buyers and loyal customers!

Fully deter SPAM attempts by using the Detonating Function of Tell A Friend Detonator XL!

No MySQL needed….Its as easy as pie to install, just upload and install..

This particular program can run on most servers that supports PHP. This program has been tested on Linux and Windows and does not require any database.

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